First BIT Company has created a unified information system for a Canadian company Groupe ABS Inc. with ULIMS Civil Engineering

Jan 14, 2015

First BIT Company has completed a project of creating an information system for a Canadian company Groupe ABS Inc., functioning in the sphere of civil construction. The unified information system unites 9 of the Company's offices, including mobile ones, located in Quebec.

The project was completed by the specialists of First BIT’s Canadian office — First BIT Canada Company, that in 2012 got Valmax Solutions Company (Montreal, Canada) — a software developer and integrator — to join it.

Within the scope of this project the office’s specialists developed ULIMS Civil Engineering software based on 1C:Enterprise 8, that allowed Groupe ABS to automate its clients relations management (CRM), business planning, financial and HR management.

The experts integrated this new information system with an accounting program already used by the client. The result of the implementation is: 250 workplaces automated, ant the amount of accounting mistakes reduced by 30%.

According to Eugene Konstantinov, the director of First BIT Canada Company, ’Groupe ABS’s automation required not only the development of a special software solution, but also its gradual implementation. We couldn’t interrupt the Company’s principal business activities. Up to this moment all the Company’s employees have finished their training, and the system has been completely put into operation. ULIMS Civil Engineering solution ensures automated functioning in complex, in other words, concerns all the Company’s subdivisions’.

’I want to mention the professionalism of First BIT’s specialists, shown in the course of the project implementation, — says Jean-Philippe Couture — quality manager of Groupe ABS. — Unlike our previous experience in implementing management systems, this competent and systematic approach of a new IT-partner has allowed us to concentrate on our own goals and tasks instead of overcoming difficulties of implementing different technologies. We have acquired a substantive competitive advantage and are now planning to expand the scope of our new system to make it even more prominent.’

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