First BIT has Integrated 1C-based Software with Telegram Messenger

Jul 29, 2015

First BIT Company, an integrator of IT-solutions for accounting and management, has enhanced the range of its program products, adding the opportunity to work with data with the help of a free messenger Telegram. This will allow users to connect directly to 1C financial system through sending optional text requests.

Using Telegram as a helper while working with 1C gives users the opportunity to get the necessary information, that earlier could only be provided by an accountant or a financial manager, to their mobile phones as soon as possible. Now you can get the information about the balance of the settlement account, proceeds for the previous week or the sum of the debt of a company just by sending a text message to a programmed bot. You will get the answer instantly.

Choosing Telegram messenger to realize this opportunity is not a coincidence. Now there is a lot of programs for communication on the market — Viber, WhatsApp and many others. But in business there is being established a certain corporate standard — Telegram. This is happening due to a high level of encryption, stability of functioning, the possibility to transfer great amounts of information and simultaneous work of 200 users, that this messenger provides.

The first software solution, integrated with the messenger by First BIT, was industry-specific solution BIT.CONSTRUCTION. Its users can use this function by installing the new software release.

And you can already test working with 1C through Telegram with the help of “pbbot” bot in the application.

“I’m sure, that the text interface for interaction with business applications will become widespread in the near future. Essentially, we are already on the verge of a partial rejection of complicated graphic interfaces in favor of a communication method that every person is accustomed to” — says Ivan Averyanov, the head of the First BIT’s branch office.

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