First BIT in Dubai has launched an ambitious project in the field of electronic commerce

Aug 26, 2015

First BIT Company has announced the launch of an ambitious project in the field of electronic commerce – an online store of equipment and software.

The assortment of a new online store is comprised of a broad range of IT-products: computers, servers, corporate storage systems, software, networks etc. The number of First BIT’s partners constantly increases and at the moment includes the leading world producers and suppliers of software and hardware, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP, Kaspersky, Symantec, Bitrix, Meraki and others.

Alexander Sokolov, the head of the IT-department of First BIT Company, says: “Without any doubt, the number of online-shoppers increases every year, for the last several years the electronic commerce market in the Middle East has been rabidly developing. We launched our project so as to provide our clients with a choice and for their comfort. Apart from selling equipment and software, First Bit team also helps to install it, set it up and train personnel to use new IT-products.”

For a month since the product was launched (10 August, 2015) the users of the web-site can get a 10% discount on the equipment installation services by typing a special code while buying online on the site: IT SUPORT DUBAI. Or they can get a 10% discount on IT-maintenance services by registering on the site.

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