First BIT is to implement a unified integrated accounting system in a large commercial enterprise

Jul 13, 2015

Project office 'Sportivnaya' of First BIT company announces the start of a new project in a representative office of a large international player in the sphere of retail. Within the framework of the project there is to be conducted the automation of the processes, that used to be isolated, and there will be created a unified integrated system for data collection and exchange on the basis of '1C:Sales management 8' (version 11.1) solution.

The Client is a Russian representative office of an international trade company, that came across the problem of disconnection of IT-systems. Before the project various specialized programs were used in its IT-structure: 1C-Bitrix, foreign accounting system, 1C:Sales management etc.

The Background

The Client’s business is rapidly developing:

  • the number of orders per day is multiplied approximately by 1,5 every year,
  • the assortment includes more than 100 000 items (25 000 of which are always present in the warehouse),
  • 24/7 trading,
  • presence of an online store etc.

Among the most important business-processes of the Client are: assortment and supply management; sales management regarding interactions with customers, planned and actual margin calculation etc.

These procedures have to be automated at the highest level possible so as to be in line with the Company’s dynamic growth.

The Solution

The specialists of First BIT’s Project office ’Sportivnaya’ suggested that the Client should optimize ’1C:Sales management’ system, that had already been implemented, by updating it to the latest 11th version and by creating on its basis a unified integrated system, that will perform as a main accounting system, and also a buffer zone for data collection and exchange between warehouse systems, CRM and corporate data storages.

It is presumed, that in the end, ’1C:Sales management’ will become a united center for collecting, storing, processing and transmitting further he information regarding supplies, sales, turnover, systematizing normative reference information, contracts negotiations etc.

’This project is interesting because some processes, which are important for the operative functioning of the company (such as logistics, assortment management, calculating necessary supplies etc.) are still automated on the basis of a large amount of Excel charts in different formats, Undoubtedly, this doesn’t comply with the rapid growth of the Company. Furthermore, our Client is an enterprise, the functioning of which is related to import, foreign economic activities, certification of goods imported in Russia and accurate tracing of the route of any of them: from the date when the product quality is checked at the supplier’s to the arrival of the item to the warehouse in Russia. Besides, this is an international company, that follows the standards and politics from the head office, located in Germany, therefore, in our work, we will have to take them into account.’ — says Olga Kopeika, the Project manager.

Ernst & Young is a partner of First BIT in this Project.

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