Largest UAE designer furniture retailer admits major improvements thanks to using FirstBIT ERP software

Sep 15, 2015

Casanova, a leading high-end furniture store in the UAE, claims major improvements in service quality and other aspects of operation after implementing the FirstBIT ERP automation system. The comprehensive software solution brought much needed order and clarity to the company's inventory, CRM, and accounting.

While being the top retailer of designer furniture in the Emirates, Casanova used to suffer from the lack of effective information management. Items would often get lost in the inventory, accidentally sold twice over to different clients, or mistakenly forwarded to fulfill a new order while being earlier reserved for an older one. Since the delivery of each article from European manufacturers took five weeks on average, the confusion resulted in long wait times, dissatisfied clients, and lost business for the Dubai-based company.

In an attempt to solve the problem, Casanova turned to the Dubai branch of First BIT. The IT solution provider offered its signature FirstBIT ERP system, a comprehensive software product for modern information management and business automation. After conducting an in-depth analysis of the distinctive features of Casanova operation, its business needs and goals, and the nature of recurring issues, the First BIT team implemented the suggested solution, installed it on the network for 10 workstations and provided user training to the Casanova personnel.

As a result of using FirstBIT ERP, Casanova Furniture was able to eliminate operation errors and establish effective control over product movement all the way from purchasing to client order delivery. Clear and precise information management had an immediate positive effect on all business processes, including inventory, accounting, human resources, sales, and management decision-making. Automation of such tasks as customer relations tracking, preparation of accounting reports and calculations, finding a specific product based on exact details and options made a significant impact on the company performance and business growth.

The FirstBIT ERP software is an ideal business automation solution for small and medium-sized trading companies. Among other useful functionality features, it offers full compliance of the accounting module with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

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