Qlik improves the report formation process due to the acquisition of NPrinting

Mar 2, 2015

Qlik takes the joint operations to a whole new level, offering a new platform for data research and report formation. Qlik Company has announced the acquisition of Vizubi company and its NPrinting products – the market leader of apps for formation and distribution of reports for QlikView. Vizubi has been a partner of Qlik since 2013.

NPrinting system allows users to create ‘user-friendly’ reports by ‘draging-and-dropping’ and in many popular formats, including Microsoft Office, PixelPerfect (.PDF) and HTML, using Qlik data and analytics.

Thanks to this acquisition QlikView will be able to serve as a single platform for data research and report preparation, which will make it easier for the business organizations to give up any additional solutions for business analytics and substantially decrease their expenses. The details of the transaction are kept confidential.

QlikView NPrinting is connected directly to one or several QlikView apps and momentarily extracts data and visual representations, allowing to create reports in different formats just by dragging and dropping.

The system’s Intuitive interface allows to perform centralized planning of reports creation, forming them and sending them to different addressees, also it is possible to request report formation directly from QlikView. After the report is formed a user can go back to QlikView for further data analysis.

QlikView NPrinting allows to send to the selected users the necessary reports at their request or according to schedule. It is also possible to set filters and such parameters as email addresses, catalogues, identifications of access sections and passwords.

Being a technological partner of Qlik, Vizubi has developed means of integration with QlikView, that’s why QlikView NPrinting solution is already available to clients. Qlik is planning to constantly invest into creation and perfection of analytics for joint operations, one of the main components of which now will be NPrinting. The Company is about to present its plan for strategic development and products integration.

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