Warehouse Management with RFID-technologies

Jun 29, 2015

Having been a major supplier of radio equipment, oscillographs, equipment for general use, solutions for engineering and modelling and techloical products for testing telecommunications for over 40 years, the Client company needed an effective system for managing expensive warehouse inventories, that will not only help optimize costs, related to rapid data processing, but also minimize human factor-related errors.

Besides, the enterprise needed to organize constant operational control over inventories relocations in the warehouse and also reduce time and personnel expenses for collecting orders, inventarisation and examinations.

The specialists of First BIT Company’ project office “Sportivnaya” suggested using progressive FID-technologies, allowing automatisation of quantity inventories accounting in Keysight Technologies’ warehouse without an operator, at the same time minimizing errors, caused by the “human element”.

For the accounting system the specialists of First BIT Company’ project office “Sportivnaya” proprosed using “1C: Trade management 8” software (version 11.1), and for the troubleproof functioning of RFID-equipment with accounting programm there was chosen “Cleverence: RFID for 1C: Enterprise” driver.

Combined use of these technological products of the leading providers in accounting sphere makes it possible to build an integrated system for accounting and control over inventories, that significantly increases the effectiveness of the warehouse functioning as a whole.

Within the limits of the project for automation of inventories acounting in the warehouse of Keysight Technologies company in Russia, the specialists of project office “Sportivnaya” have singled out and successfully completed the following tasks:

  • Accounting of inventories supply to the company’s warehouse.
  • Control over inventories discharge from the wareouse.
  • User identification for working with the inventories using ACS cards.
  • Fixation of inventories delivery via the responsible person.
  • Fixation of inventories delivery without the responsible person.
  • Fixation of inventories supply to the warehouse.
  • Fixation of inventories for discharge either in the warehouse or with the responsible person.
  • Asssembling and setting up of all the RFID-equipment.

In 3 months, the consultants of of First BIT Company’ project office “Sportivnaya” have achieved all the aims set at the outset of the project:

  • thanks to the RFID-technology imeplementation the labor-expenditures for accounting in Keysight Technologies warehouse were reduced;
  • time spent on controlling the warehouse operations was significantly reduced;
  • there was an increase in the speed and accuracy of collecting orders;
  • time spent on warehouse maintenance was greatly decreased, which had positive impact on the other business-processes of the company;
  • the procees of inventarization and check-ups in the warehose was optimized and now hapens with greater speed.
  • there have been developed and implemented automation procedures for different warehouse operations;
  • threre have been set up processes in the areas of more accurate and operative control over inventories movement and location in the warehouse.

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