The Assessment of Investment Projects

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The purpose of the capital is to bring profit to its owner. Putting up capital for a long term, or investing, is one of the possible ways to use this opportunity.

Investors always try to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. To get full repayment of invested money
  2. Profits, gained as a result of the investment, must be the highest with the given rate of risk exposure

The methods of investment efficiency assessment are primarily based on comparing the efficiency (or profitability) on different investment projects. And the alternatives for investment are: financial investment in enterprise projects, depositing money, acquiring securities, buying real property etc.

The assessment of investment projects’ efficiency, as usual, is conducted with the regard for the discounting of the specified indicators, i.e. by bringing them into the line with the costs at the time of the comparison. This is determined by the fact, that profits and costs are realized in different time periods and, therefore, have different significance.

Profits, gained earlier, have more value, than those gained later. The same is true for costs: those paid earlier have more value that those paid later.

In the assessment of the investment projects - with regard to the time factor (discounting) - the following indicators are most often used:
• NPV (Net Present Value)
• IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
• MIRR (Modified Internal Rate Of Return)
• DPP (Discounted Payback Period)
• PI (Profitability Index)
• лала (Payback Period)

BIT.BI.FinExpert id designed for conducting rapid and comprehensive analysis of investment figures and indexes.

Analytic Accounting

The library of investment projectsThe library of investment projects
Contains the data on all of the company’s investment projects, assembled during the pre-investing research. Convenient mechanisms of projects’ and their versions’ selection and sorting makes it possible for a user to work with relevant projects of the company.

The table of financial indicators
The solution automatically estimates financial indicators of projects, including their versions. For conducting comparative analysis of investment projects’ efficiency, you should use built-in mechanisms of selection and sorting or compared projects.
The table of financial indicators

The diagrams of financial indicators