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We offer our customers a complete range of financial management software solution which includes automation services to restructure financial management processes, reporting of financial and accounting aspects. The FirstBIT Finance package, which includes financial application software, is a fully incorporated, ready-to-use financial management solution. Besides, automating crucial business processes, our firm is able to hand over turnkey projects like developing methodologies, homogenizing accounting and integrating similar tasks throughout the organization or group, with financial solutions that are based upon the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.

The FirstBIT Finance, one of the best financial software, is a financial suite which consists of software solutions and was developed by First BIT professionals with an extensive track record in offering automated business financial software in several Russian and CIS leading corporations. The financial management program, FirstBIT Finance is a tested system and is being continuously enhanced and upgraded, building on our users’ daily experiences. The software’s real-world application demonstrates that it has the ability to:

  • State information simply, in a cohesive format, to avoid the need for several spreadsheets;
  • Increase accountability and transparency of payments and expenditure with the use of real-time electronic system for tracking which enables strict control over contracts and budgets;
  • Trace cash-flow and activate an advanced warning system to identify and manage irregularities before time;
  • Develop regular upgrades in the most frequently-used accounting formats (revenue and expenditure, cash flow, balance sheets) as well as in operating budgets;
  • Administer financial statements from various sources in a variety of formats;
  • Stays informed of IFRS-compliant accounting conditions and create and accept consolidated financial statements.

Complying with various accounting and financial standards can pose to be one of the most difficult challenges encountered by fresh entrants in the Russian business market. The FirstBIT Finance package of financial accounting software has been designed exclusively to allow you to streamline and simplify financial procedures across your company. This financial accounting system is able to support an extensive range of financial system management functions which include financial planning, the development and maintenance of software for financial databases as well as online accounting.

In addition to facilitating the fabrication of financial reports created to cater to your internal corporate regulations and standards, the package of FirstBIT FINANCE is a financial accounting solution that includes an extensive collection of tools to make sure that your financial reporting is in complete compliance with the officially acknowledged national as well as international accounting norms and standards like IFRS, IAS and national GAAP. But that’s not all. Other than the financial software program itself, our company offers a vast range of valuable services as well as individual assistance to facilitate the process of implementation and integration. These services include:

  • A detailed analysis of customer needs and specifications including current procedures and techniques for the purpose of financial accounting and reporting;
  • Creating a methodology or a series of processes to enable compliance of reporting with IFRS standards in order to match corporate regulations i.e. identifying the many policies and methods of accounting, creating regulations for the ending of the financial period and easing out the process of the consolidation of data reporting. For example, the IFRS-compliant reports are cross-referenced with other reports that match Russian accounting standards and internal business regulations;
  • Systems that offer complete control of all the processes of accounting and financial management including coherent gathering of information, development of databases, protection of valuable and confidential data and the capability to perform detailed and in-depth auditing;
  • Making sure that the proposed technique and methodology (either developed recently or an existing one) operates in a practical situation and can be properly applied to all the processes as needed;
  • A tailor-made design of IT architecture to assist with the specifications of the company’s accounting and reporting processes;
  • Integration and incorporation with other key business and financial applications;
  • Piloting of latest procedures and training;
  • Continuous maintenance and assistance support to clients.

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