1C:Accounting Suite — free accounting software for small business

1C:Accounting Suite is an accounting and inventory software with the English interface designed by 1C company for small business. The application supports US GAAP and IFRS accounting and reporting standards and provides full visibility of purchasing and sales transactions.

1C:Accounting Suite enables efficient management of payments, receipts, and bank transactions, providing business owners with a real-time financial data for sound decision making.

Inventory-oriented businesses will benefit from multi-warehouse support, flexible document flow, and advanced inventory costing procedures.

1C:Accounting Suite

1C:Accounting Suite supports a full business cycle – from document entry to financial reporting. The target audience is companies with 1-5 users. It is IFRS compatible with localizations for US GAAP, Brazil (ICMS tax), and South Africa (VAT).

The solution includes multi-currency, multiple units of measure, and multi-warehouse features. Since 1C:Accounting Suite is built in the framework 1C:Enterprise 8, this software is highly customizable and can be run either as a web-application (managed hosting) or as an on-premise Windows application.

1C:Accounting Suite is a free-of-charge business application. The source code and the development environment are provided with the system.

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