BIT:English Language Pack for 1C:Sales Management

“BIT:English Language Pack for 1C:Sales Management 11” is a unique solution in the market that adds an English interface to the “1C:Sales Management 11” standard solution.

This solution provides a full localization of “1C:Sales Management” in English including:

  • interface;
  • screen forms,
  • dialog boxes and messages,
  • reports, etc.

The experience and remarks we emerged during testing the product beta version in dozens of companies have been considered in the «BIT: English Language Pack».

It should also be noted that English is added to the Russian language but does not replace it.

Every user may choose an interface language by himself (herself). Thereby some users can use Russian interface of the information base and others - English interface.

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Want to automate your Russian branch? Your key employees are English-speaking?

The “BIT:English Language Pack” is mainly oriented to the following types of companies:

  • companies operating in the Russian market that have foreign founders and/or investors. The feature of online reporting in English with drill-down to the documents will definitely provide foreigners with a much better understanding of the Russian business practices;
  • Russian companies expanding abroad.

5 key benefits of “BIT:English Language Pack”

  1. For a fixed price of 100 000 RUB (the equivalent of 35 hours of work performed by a qualified specialist from a franchisee company) the customer immediately receives a fully translated configuration.
  2. Professional translators from Russia as well as from EU, proficient in English and business terminology, have worked on the translation.
  3. We are constantly improving the translation based on our customers’ feedback (experience from all implementations is accumulated in the solution).
  4. For a fixed price of 30 000 RUB annually (the equivalent of 12 hours of work performed by a qualified specialist from a franchisee company) the customer receives updates following new releases of the 1C company on a timely basis.
  5. If your company uses a standard configuration “1C:Accounting 3.0”, you don’t need to incur additional costs on transition to «BIT: English Language Pack»: it is enough to replace the configuration with a new one in the Designer. In the future, it will be possible to perform updates in the standard mode, after obtaining releases from the FirstBIT company.
Item Prices SetupDocuments of salesGoods receipt documentsInventory items
Standard Agreement Sale of Goods and ServicesBank Account Inflow TransactionReport “Goods for Shipment”
Report “Gross Profit by Customers”Interface language selectionReceiving ReportSales reports
Receiving Report: Subordination Structure

Licensing peculiarities

“BIT:English Language Pack” is an additional package to the “1C:Sales Management 11”. You need to have a license for the base product in order to use the solution.

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